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Learning Meteor

Meteor is awesome. A whole platform, not just a front-end JavaScript framework.

This article covers history web applications’ development. I have just realized that my app does not need an API. API is for third party developers. I don’t need a back-end and a front-end divided by an API.

Things I like about Meteor

I came from PHP and later Symfony with Angular background. Lastly I have worked with Gulp to build my own deployment model. I just realized that in Meteor (if your app is simple enough) you don’t need to use Gulp at all. Meteor give you sophisticated build and deployment process for free.


When you start your your Meteor app on localhost, your project files are watched for changes. And browser reloads every time you save a file. That means no more manual browser reloading. This mimic the same behavior with gulp-watch plugin and Browsersync. In Meteor it’s for free:D

No script and link tags

In your HTML code you don’t need to use <script> and <link> elements link your JavaScript and CSS files. Just put them in some directory and Meteor link them automatically.


You don’t need to concat and minify static assets, it is done automatically

Cache busting

Automatic cache busting. Meteor adds new hash tag to your *.js and *.css files every time you change those files. Then any updated files are freshly downloaded to your browser.

Useful Meteor packages

These are packages I maybe will use. I am building multilang web app.

yogiben:admin - A complete admin dashboard solution

tap:i18n - A comprehensive internationalization solution for Meteor

tap:i18n-ui - User interface for the tap-i18n package

tap:i18n-db - Internationalization for Meteor Collections

martino:iron-router-i18n - Router with i18n support. Lang parameters in URL

iron:router - Router for Meteor. Here is guide

Things to consider

There is an article with great name about intricacies of the framework: Meteor, the dark side of the moon And here following discussion on

Deployment should be easy with Meteor up

Published 24 Jul 2016